Four AI Super Powers

✦ Smart Lists

✦ Intelligent Inventory

✦ AI-Crafted Recipes

✦ Efficient Meal Planner

Artificial Intelligence

Powerful AI Features: Meticulously crafted to simplify and enrich your life.

AI-Driven Convenience: Elevating Your Shopping, Inventory, and Meal Management to New Levels.

Ai - Snap a photo of any dish & get it's full recipe including step-step directions  ingredients & Nutrition.

Ai - Snap a photo of items you have at home and Ai will generate a shopping list for you.

Ai - Snap a photo of recipe from a recipe book to import.

Ai - Snap a photo of a receipt and import the items into your shopping list or inventory.

Ai - Snap a photo of a dish or a food item and know it's exact nutrition value.

Clip from a recipe collection of millions of recipes from your favorite recipe websites.

AI - Instant Category Creation or Custom Selection with a Tap.

Do you have your shopping list on a piece of paper? Import it by just snapping a photo.

Ai auto magically assigns inventory location after import

Ai - Enter ingredients or recipe name - generate full detailed Recipe

Even more Ai Recipe Features right at your finger tips.